We were all left shocked and disappointed by the recent closure of Tetbury Leisure Centre. When Cotswold District Council (CDC) gave ownership of Tetbury Leisure Centre to Sir William Romney School in 2014, the district council agreed to supply £330,000 of grants to support the leisure centre while it became a self-supporting, self-funding business.

However, since 2014 the leisure centre has failed to develop a stand-alone business model robust enough to survive without additional Cotswold District Council grant support. When the new Lib Dem administration took control of Cotswold District Council in May 2019, they made it clear they would not offer any further grant support and the centre was forced to close because of the “the cessation of grant funding.”

Although its good news the centre has partially reopened, Local Conservatives are still working hard to try and improve the situation. Tetbury & Upton councillor Richard Norris put forward a motion to CDC asking for upto £25,000 in CDC grant support to allow the leisure centre to transition from its old to new business model, but as of mid-October 2019 the Lib Dem administration have kicked this suggestion into the long grass.

Cllr Richard Norris said, “We will continue to work as hard as possible to try and get the best facilities possible for Tetbury and the surrounding villages. It’s seems unfair that Tetbury, with all the money we have contributed to CDC via council tax payments and new homes bonuses payments has been deserted and left to fend for itself in this way.”

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